About Us
Ningbo Yonglan International Logistics Co.,Ltd is a first-class freight forwarding company.It has the qualification of non-vessel shipping business operation of the Ministry of Communications(NVOCC). Its business includes international shipping and international aviation. After transportation, international container storage and transportation , customs declaration and international and domestic transportation insurance business and other international integrated logistics business, after several years of development, it has formed a comprehensive logistics service company with its own characteristics.
• Door-to-Door services around the world
• Break / Bulk shipments 
• FCL/LCL worldwide services.
Our company specializes in shipping and trading and logistics for domestic and overseas business. We offer global services for our customers, including sale and purchase, ship financing, chartering, broker agent for bulk, general cargo and containers. Furthermore, we also bid for large projects. By virtue of our good partnership with hundreds of international shipping firms, we are capable of satisfying various needs of customers and offering services with best quality.     

Our team of service experts at all levels has many years of experience, which helps us to reduce response times, both on-time delivery and service, both in freight and warehousing services. Our goal is to bring positive change to your business through our services and build long-term relationships with you. Our commitment to our customers can be seen through our focus on teamwork, customer support services and the technical upgrades of our logistics processes and equipment from time to time.
Our experience in the field of service and the range of services we offer make us one of the most professional logistics service providers. Moreover, with the help of our customers' continuous support and trust, our goal is to remain at the forefront of the industry and to remain open-minded. Our advanced systems, clean logistics processes, state-of-the-art logistics tools and equipment, state-of-the-art operators, customized services, and dedication to reducing costs for end users help us deliver logistics solutions that are well coordinated with our customers.
Our strength
our strength